Enhancing Data Privacy: A Comprehensive Overview

In today's digital age, data privacy is a critical concern for individuals and organizations alike. At Searchpage, we take your privacy seriously, and in this article, we'll delve into how we define "personal data" and our commitment to safeguarding your information.

Defining Personal Data Our definition of personal data aligns with the stringent privacy laws and regulations of the European Union, notably the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These regulations are widely regarded as the world's most robust privacy protections. Essentially, any information pertaining to you or your actions that can be traced back to you is considered personal data.

Information We Don't Collect To ensure utmost transparency, let's clarify what we do not collect:

IP Address Recording Your IP address is not recorded by us, except in the case of automated search requests (robots) that exhibit abnormal querying behavior. In such instances, we identify and block the offending IP address to maintain the security and integrity of our service.

Tracking or Identifying Cookies We do not employ tracking or identifying cookies, especially those notorious "bad" cookies that can capture sensitive personal information. Searchpage utilizes only one "good" cookie called "preferences" to store your search preferences anonymously, and it expires after 90 days of inactivity.

Recording Search Queries Your search queries are never logged. When you search, your query is meticulously stripped of any superfluous metadata, including your IP address and other identifying information. The anonymized search query is then sent to our search and content providers, ensuring your privacy remains intact.

To prevent abuse, such as high-volume robotic querying, we anonymously monitor popular search keywords as part of our anti-abuse measures, all while safeguarding your privacy.

Implementing Truly Anonymous Analytics While we do gather overall traffic statistics, these metrics are strictly anonymous. They may include data on the types of operating systems, browsers, languages, and more. Importantly, we do not possess any information about individual users.

Keeping Searchpage Free and Privacy-First In contrast to many online advertising services that employ personalized advertising, Searchpage operates differently. We do not engage in tracking or profiling your online activities. Our search result pages may feature a limited number of clearly labeled "sponsored links" sourced from platforms like Google AdSense. To combat click fraud, we may share non-identifying system information, but it is never linked to individual users.

Searchpage bucks the trend by serving strictly non-personalized ads. While our ads may generate less revenue than those of other search engines, they cover all our operational costs.

Your Data Beyond Searchpage Once you click on a search result, you exit our domain and privacy protection. This applies to sponsored links, search results, and external links. However, if you value your privacy, consider using our exclusive feature, "Anonymous View," located next to search results, for uninterrupted private browsing.

Contact Information Privacy When you contact us via email or our support center, we only use the provided contact information to respond to your inquiries. More details can be found in our Support Privacy Policy.

Governmental Data Requests Governmental requests for data can only be entertained if they come from Dutch judicial authorities. We will only comply when legally obligated to do so. However, due to our data practices, we are unlikely to receive such requests.

Voluntary Surveillance Programs Searchpage staunchly refuses to participate in any voluntary surveillance program. Our EU-based location benefits from robust privacy laws that protect your rights.

GDPR Compliance As a company based in the EU, we fully comply with EU privacy laws and regulations, including the GDPR, known for its stringent privacy safeguards.

"Right to Be Forgotten" in the EU EU citizens have the "right to be forgotten." They can request the removal of search results containing inaccurate or irrelevant personal data. Learn how we've implemented this right on our platform.

Indonesian Data Protection Authority We are committed to addressing your concerns. If you have feedback or complaints regarding our services or privacy practices, please contact us through the provided details. According to EU privacy laws and regulations, you also have the right to lodge complaints with the appropriate supervisory authority. For the Netherlands, this authority is the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Our Company and Contact Information For any further inquiries regarding privacy, Searchpage is owned and operated by Hargabelanja.com in Indonesia. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with your privacy questions or concerns. Your privacy matters to us, and we're here to ensure it's protected.